The Live Pornstar World

Who are these babes and why is it that they love to fuck live on webcam, in front of thousands of spectators, viewers from all over the world. Why would these sluts want to fuck in real time knowing that they can’t be edited, so if they fuck up they can’t stop and restart? The answer is pretty simple, all I had to do is ask two of the most popular chicks on the street today like Pornstar Dana Vespoli and another amazing chicks that we all know by: Cherie DeVille.


I was told by both that it’s the thrill and excitement knowing that they’re being watched by a live audience in the tens of thousands and that they can actually interact with them, swapping words and everything that comes with it. I know for a fact that they also get paid a lot more, but thats not it. They actually love this live porn show stuff and that explains why more and more of these famous Pornstars are joinging in and making this thing one of the most popular websites on the Internet today!

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