Network with record numbers, week after week the only way is up!

I think it was an absolutely incredible idea when they decided that they would have each and every single one of these gorgeous Pornstars sign a contract where it states they can only perform live porn on one network and therefore the network they were signing up to. Basically by signing up the very best at the very start and they keep signing up all the new soon to be extremely popular models, has given them the exclusive on the market for this product, exclusivity and what makes them number one when it comes down to live porn videos shows!

so of course the only way is up, there is no other way when you offer a product and such, when you operate in digital video and audio, and of course when you offer it at a price that is accessible to anyones budget.

As you can see this is the recipe of something that is the best thing that ever happened to porn, 4 million members, roughly 7.5 million weekly visit, an average of 250,000 members and watch the individual live porn shows while they happen. No it is not CNN, but one would think with the numbers right? It’s and if you you haven’t visited the website, yet you are not a member of that website, then you will most probably missing out on the most exciting thing that has ever occurred on the Internet.


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