Jordan Heat from Puerto Rico, the hot and famous Latin pornstar!

Jordan is definitely one of the most popular Latin pornstars that we have all seen in the adult entertainment business in these past few years. Hot Pornstar Jordan Heat started her career back in 2012 at the age of 22, she came to the United States from Puerto Rico at the age of 19 but it wasn’t until three years later that she was discovered by one of the most popular adult entertainment agencies in Los Angeles, where they convinced her that she would have been an extremely successful pornstar. They were right!


I managed to put a video and some digital photographs together where you can actually admire Pornstar Jordan Heat Solo, actually doing herself, but a lot of people like to call it solo. If you still have not seen any of her porn videos, and I’m talking about the recorded classical porn videos, then all you have to do is do a search on Google, or click on the link provided in this paragraph and I’m ready to bet anything you want you will find it extremely exciting.

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