Is there a pornstar that you prefer a lot more than all the others?

I know that it’s quite a challenge when you have roughly 500 of the most popular Pornstars all in one location and always performing in live porn shows, but like me I’m very much sure that you do have a handful but you consider your favorite, mine is in the photograph right here below, but I changed my mind very often, she might be my favorite today but tomorrow someone else will be, that’s what happens when you have so many porn models performing in one location.


So who is that porn model that you would like to see a lot more often performing in our Live Porn Shows? Don’t be shy! Feel free to comment here in this blog post, as you can see comments are open because he wants to know your opinion, we want to know who is your favorite and if you wouldn’t mind we would also like to know why she is your favorite.

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