I get this question all the time: What are pornstars like in person!?

Some of them are potty mouth, some of them are just plain disgusting, but I would say at least 80% of men on normal women, you would not even guess that they were porn models if you saw them shopping in the street in their flip-flops and tank top and shorts, driving a Toyota or Honda. What you see on the porn videos, what you notice on the scene is very vague to who they actually are in real life and reality.

I have had the opportunity several times to actually sit down and interview the girls, I have spent nearly a whole day with some of the most popular girl and they are super cool, some of which I really said to myself that it is a huge shame that they fuck for cash. Some of the girls in reality also cool and so pretty, you would actually want to date and if you knew that they were not who they actually are LOL!


I myself find those girls that want to show off because they are porn models, discussing, there are many that things because they do this for a living that they can go around and do it even when they’re not on the scene, believe me there are plenty like that, but barely any offense ever make it to the top, because that’s not the way to, that’s not the way to build a career in the adult entertainment business simply being disgusting.

I could sincerely go on for at least three hours talking about individual pornstars and the differences between them, but I pretty much think that you have thought the idea, you have the picture, so yes 80% off the girls, eight out of 10 of the pornstars are totally cool!!

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