Dava Foxx I have always had a soft spot for this gorgeous woman.

It’s almost a shame that she is a porn model, this is one of the women that I would actually take home and introduced to my parents. LOL. However it would be a tremendous shame if Pornstar Dava Foxx was not a porn model, there would be a missing gap in our network, because hundreds of thousands of people actually wait for her shows to pop up on our schedule, it’s nothing new that this absolutely stunning sex model is one of the top 50 most popular and loved pornstars in activity.

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My suggestion to you is to sit down and get ready for an amazing show, my suggestion to you is to write it down wherever you are in the world what time the show starts because you can’t possibly miss it. It’s not like she’s here often, she is not in any way a resident porn model of our network and therefore her presence is not that often. It’s kind of an honor to have heard today at once that you have seen her in action, once that you have seen what a whore she is, you will beg for more!!

The best thing about her is her solo moments, that is before she is joined in front of the WebCam by a male that will fuck her so hard that her pussy will hurt for a week, it’s the moments before all of that occurs that she is the most appreciated, because as a solo pornstar, she is actually considered the best at what she does!!

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